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Drops of Jupiter [entries|friends|calendar]

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[April 02, 2006]

[ mood | tired ]

WOOT! April! SPRING! *dances*

And now for my Spring post. :D I hope you like these as much as I do, I had fun with all of them. And I'm actually satisfied. Huh.

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[March 15, 2006]

[ mood | sick ]

Ho'kay, long time no see. I'm not sure if I like most of these gof icons, but they were at least fun to make. And that's what really counts, right? ;>> Right.

fifteen gof icons
eight fma icons
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Fullmetal Alchemist [February 23, 2006]

[ mood | lethargic ]

Yes... I've fallen into that fandom, too. But I can't help it - Edo is so cute! XP

These are capped from the ( first? ) ending of FMA, and the person who capped them is in my resource post - Can't remember who is was off the top of my head. Anyway, the brushes used on these were made by the wonderful, marvelous colorfilter, who everyone should worship.

1)Image hosting by Photobucket 2)Image hosting by Photobucket 3)Image hosting by Photobucket 4)Image hosting by Photobucket 5)Image hosting by Photobucket 6)Image hosting by Photobucket

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[January 30, 2006]

[ mood | exanimate ]

Who else loves Firefly?

Image hosting by Photobucket,Image hosting by Photobucket

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[September 16, 2005]

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